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Over the last 25 years, the same problem has been brought to Ed Crothers, Equine Analyst, over and over. A well trained horse that has won numerous competitions and awards or that has been a wonderful riding partner has developed a bad attitude. This good horse has gone bad. Suddenly the owner cannot control the horse like they used to. Every riding session becomes a fight - the joy of riding slips away.

Many times the horse is taken to a trainer to be corrected. While at the trainer's the horse seemes to be better; and then after returning, the "Bad Horse" comes out again.

Other times the horse is turned out to pasture in hopes that a little time off will bring the "Good Horse" back. Many times the horse never returns to the riding partner they once were. Sometimes the horse is never ridden again.

This is where the "Good Horse Gone Bad" philosophy comes in. Ed Crothers philosophy is centered around the well trained horse that develops a bad attitude. The reasons behind the attitude change is fully explored and corrections are made. Many times the problems are solved and the "Good Horse" returns by the end of a session.
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