The 5 Methods

Good Horse Gone Bad
Teaching the "5" Methods
The Crothers Way

  1. Disrespect: Is it Pain or Training?
  2. Therapy of Retraining a Horse's Mind
  3. Building Leadership and Releationship with your Horse
  4. Building Confidence in Yourself and Your Horse while Working Under Saddle
  5. Tricks to The Magic of Horsemanship

Learning The Crothers Way 5 Methods will bring you and your horse to a whole new level of understanding and respect. In these methods, Ed will teach you to discover if your horse is in pain, or has been "trained" to be disrespectful. Once you learn what the problem is, you can move on to building and growing as a team. Throughout the steps in the 5 Methods, you will learn all >the tricks to the Magic of Horsemanship.

To schedule this clinic at your facility, call or email Ed for clinic details and pricing.

(937)544-1463 / (937)725-5010

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