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 The Ultimate Cattle Catch & Lead Pole

"The Ultimate Cattle Catch & Lead Pole" was designed by Ed Crothers, Inventor of "The Ultimate Cow Halter", to aid in the breaking and training of cattle.  This catch & lead pole will give you better control to keep cattle where you want them at all times, either to come with you or to keep the out of your space.  With the extra leverage this catch & lead pole attached to "The Ultimate Cow Halter" gives you, you can stop most any cattle from charging, not leading, running off or just being disrespectful.  The catch & lead pole extends from 4' out to 7' with a built in hook to reach out and hook to "The Ultimate Cow Halter" or nose ring when it is difficult to get close enough to use the large snap.  The large snap is detachable in case of breakage by the cattle.  The catch & lead pole comes with a red soft grip handle.

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