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The Ultimate Cow Halter Reviews

From: Jeff Chapin
Date: Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Hello Eddie,
We spoke earlier this week and I ordered one of your Ultimate Cow Halters and Training a Crazy Heifer video. My daughter watched your video and went out this morning put the Ultimate Halter on her steer and he did wonderful. She had his full attention and was making him walk with her after just a few minutes. This is the best halter we have ever tried. Thank you. He is not a mean steer like the heifer in your video. He just is stubborn very stubborn and scared, but not with your halter. Just wanted to say thanks again for an awesome product.

Jeff Chapin 

From: Chris Perret

Date: Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Hi Ed,
I've been using the Ultimate Cow Halter to train my steers, heifers and bulls with great effects. Typically within days of getting the halter on them, they are leading and interacting with people well. I can honestly tell you that this product has made a significant difference in the marketability and sales prices of my breeding stock, as well as the animals are calm, easy to lead and welcome rewards via human contact. I estimate it adds 10-20% to the sale price of my animals.
That said, I would like to add a number of new Ultimate Halters to my barn.

Thanks, Chris 

From:  Mike S

Date:   Sat, December 06, 2014

Dear Mr. Crothers,

I have just discovered your unique halter and training products while looking for better information on training calves and older animals to lead.  I was not satisfied with traditional methods and hoped to find a good demonstration of cow handling and training, which is exactly what I found in the videos you have currently released.  The three day session with the black heifer is truly wonderful.  My background is in natural horsemanship, and whether or not you would consider yourself a "natural cattleman", I was able to clearly recognize similar technique and professional handling while working an untouched heifer.  The DVD you have available for purchase in your store, the six day clinic with a "crazy" cow, is the main subject of my note to you.  Would you consider this DVD a good follow-up to the three day clinic on YouTube?  I am
eager to have the opportunity to view what I am hoping to be an in depth continuation of the same wonderful handling and training, and Ultimate Halter demonstrations,  I am ready to purchase both the DVD and at least on halter for my two 800-1000lb heifers that I have raised from newborns and have haltered and handled as babies; my heifers are already gentle and love being brushed, so I am not starting with wild stock.

Again, I am impressed and even relieved to have found a trainer willing to put the same kind of professional and skilled handling we see in the horse world, into the cattle world, and I look forward to seeing more and learning from you.  Thanks so very much!


Stefani Schulte
Narrow Gate Farm
Rogers City, MI

Date:  Sun, November 10, 2013

From:  Kelly Register, Middleburg, FL.

Mr. Crothers,

My husband and I are simply astounded at how well your ultimate cow halter works!  We had a young heifer we had been began working with to halter break enough for our 11 year old daughter to show at the fairs.  The heifer was not mean and was fine in the chute, doesn't mind a halter but when you tried to walk her or tie her up to brush she was a bit crazy, kicking and just being unruly.  We got the ultimate cow halter on a Monday and that evening, the first time we had it on this heifer, she pulled back one time and stopped.  She was a totally different heifer!  She no longer kicked or tried to pin you into the fence...she walks great now, stands great and we are now starting her with the show stick.  We are soo impressed!  She has almost outgrown her small halter, so we just ordered the next size up last week and can't wait to continue using your halters!  We are telling everyone we know, especially the ones just starting out in halter breaking.  It  is simply amazing!  Our daughter has more confidence and has really started working the heifer more and more!  Thank you for developing this halter, there's no damage to her chin like we would see from the chain style control halters or even the rope halters!


Matt and Kelly Register

Date:  Sat, October 12, 2013

From:  Karen Rose, Jeffersonville, KY

We received the halter in the mail on Thursday and immediately put it on our psycho calf..  We let him wear it with a lead for two days.  Today we got him out of his stall and walked him around a round pen as you suggested.  It was like a miracle!  If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it.  The calf did not stress and act CRAZY as he had done so many times before.  He started walking fast around the pen while my son walked beside and in front of him.  After a short time he was able to pick up the lead and hold it while the calf walked slowly around the pen.  A couple of times he tried to pull away and with one hand my son was able to stop him.

Over the past month that we have been working with this calf he has kicked both of my sons and pushed them into walls.  He has pulled the wash rack out of the ground (it was set in concrete).  He had refused to walk tied to the boom pole on the tractor so we kind of dragged him.  I told you I had bought medicine to calm him because I was afraid my boys were going to get hurt,  but we hadn't used it after I talked to you and now it looks as though it won't be necessary.

There are not enough words to say Thank You for creating this halter.  I have no fear that my 16 year old granddaughter will be able to control her calf that used to be a psycho.

Karen Rose

Date:  Fri, October 19, 2012

From:  Diane McDonald, Hillsboro, OH

Hi Ed,

Today I put my 700 lb heifer in the chute to put on your cow halter.  Easy to put on her head.  Attached lead rope to the cow halter, opened the chute and she came out.  Now she is a naturally gentle heifer - not wild.  She was not mad over the halter, but wanted to leave and took off.  Much to my amazement I was able to hold her with one hand and turn her around.  This went on for several minutes.  I was absolutely amazed at the effectivness of the Cow Halter.  She allowed me to make some more adjustments to the halter and stood perfectly still.

Ed, you have told me about the halter, I have read the reviews below, watched the video, but there is nothing like actually trying the halter yourself on your own heifer.

Thanks again for inventing the Cow Halter - so much easier and more effective than the rope halter.


Date:  Mon, February 20, 2012   9:25 p.m.

From:  Steve White, Manchester, OH

Thanks for coming over Ed.

I had two 900 lbs heifers in the barn that have never had a halter on before.

Ed put his magic halter on them and amazing they were broke in less than five minutes.  I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it. 

When you get the halters made, I want 10.  The show cattle industry will buy your halter like crazy.  I wish I would have videoed so people would believe me.

Date:  Sun, February 19, 2012  5:26 pm

From:  Steve White, Manchester, OH


I don't know anything about horses, but your halter worked
wonders on this steer that didn't want to lead.

Unbelievable, with this halter my daughter could lead him with
one hand.

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