The Magic Halter

Veterinarian Approved
"The Magic Halter is a remarkably effective and humane restraint device and training aid in horses of all ages." Robert J. Hunt DVM, MS, DACVS March 6, 2012 11:35 a.m. Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Lexington, Kentucky

Are you tired of your horse:
                • Bolting
                • Locking Up
                • Running Off
                • Pushing and Pulling You Around
The Magic Halter's secret to success is the Patented Communication Buttons located over the poll, bridge of the nose, and along the upper right and left jaw line.

With patented Communication Buttons* invented by Ed Crothers

The placement of these Communications Buttons are what allow the Magic Halter to give you full control over the horse's head. The Communication Buttons over the poll give you forward motion, along with the ability to stop your horse from running backwards. The Communications Buttons along both right and left upper jaw line gives you right and left motion. Lastly, the Communication Buttons over the bridge of the nose stops the horse from being able to run past you, plus they give you backward motion.

Order the Magic Halter today, from our online store, and put the magic back into your relationship with your horse.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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