Good Horse Gone Bad 

The Magic Behind The Equine Problem Chart

Over the past 30 years the same problem has been brought to the attention of Ed Crothers. A well trained horse and wonderful riding partner that has developed disrespect relationship, This is what Ed calls The Good Horse Gone Bad. Using years of starting and training experience combined with working hand and hand with veterinarians and chiropractic care, Ed Crothers has come up with the true reason that a Good Horse Go Bad. These ground breaking methods to horsemanship show the affects of short or long term chronic pain has on a horses attitude and performance. Ed's knowledge of horses stems back to his childhood and grew throughout the years with his work on many of Ohio's top thoroughbred farms. It was not until 2000 that Ed started looking for the cause behind the disrespect in horses. These are the factors that made Ed start looking at horses in a different light.

               From 2000 to 2003 Ed Crothers watched and noted every horse he worked with and over that 3 year span Ed analyzed over 500 horses. Through his study Ed would look over every vet work up chart and chiropractor chart and he noticed  that many horses that acted with the same level of disrespect also suffered from the same level of pain issues.  Throughout his study of these horses and the horses he still works with every day, He is able to quickly look over a horse and add together all the past information he has seen with horses with the same disrespect  symptoms and comes up with what is the root of the disrespect.  Not only is Ed able to find the cause of the pain/ disrespect but he is also able to fix the problem. Ed has found that when a horse has a pain issue that fixing what is the cause of the pain is only the first step, Retraining the horses mind to know that this pain is no longer an issue is the next step and could possibly be the most important .

                Ed Crothers Pain Free Horse Program starts with first identifying the pain area or areas then finding the best way to address them. After the pain is managed Ed then moves to retraining the horses mind to show them that the pain is no longer stopping or holding them back from performing certain tasks. This step can take a few hours to a few days, it is all depending on how large the mental pain is. Many horse develop bad behavior as a way to move away from or avoid painful conditions. By addressing the painful issues many horses lose their bad habits with the use of retraining their minds that the painful condition is no longer there.

         With 15 years of correcting and rehabilitating Good Horses Gone Bad Ed Crothers is striving every day to help all Good Horses Gone Bad to help them become a strong and well rounded horse once again. From what Ed has worked with over the years, Ed can knowing say 90% of Disrespect is pain, and that there is no such thing as a bad horse it is always caused by pain or lack of communication in training.

     With the use of the Equine Problem Chart Ed Crothers is able to analyze your horse problems and give you the best approach to correcting the problem. If you would like to learn more Check out the 3 Disc DVD Set Good Horse Gone Bad by The Crothers Way. Learn to evaluate why your horse misbehaves, Learn what you should and should not do to get them riding. Watch Ed Crothers, Clinician, along with a veterinarian and chiropractor evaluate and help 3 problems horses.

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