Good Horse Gone Bad 

Wild Mustang Makeover
2008 Bay Mustang Gelding

2010 Extreme Mustang Makeover 
Reserve Grand Champion Idols
 Ed Crothers, The Equine Analyst, and Challenger

Extreme Mustang Makeover - Day 1
See the excitement of loading Challenger into the trailer when we picked him up to bring him home.

Here are some pictures we thought you might like to see of Challenger and his herd mates.

Extreme Mustang Makeover:
 Day 2 - Leading and Desensitizing

Extreme Mustang Makeover: 
Meet the Mustang - Day 2


More pictures of Challenger - Day 2.


Ed Crothers, Equine Analyst, and Dazzle - Palomino Saddlebred Gelding

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