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 Pain Free Testimonials

From:  Jessy Wojtkiewicz
Date:   Wed, Oct. 1, 2014

My school horses LOVE Ed Crothers.  His quiet, kind, confident way sets them immediately at ease and they arrive at their next lesson feeling and moving as if they were 10 years younger - my students always comment on how loose the horses feel after Ed has been out to the barn.

Jessyca Wojtkieicz
Greenacres Equine Center Director

From:  Renee Jones
Date:   Fri, August 24, 2012


I was your late night visitor a couple of Saturdays ago with my barrel horse, Jet.

I wanted to let you know how he was doing.  His main problem was an abcess in his front foot.  I was able to get him recovering from that in a couple of days after the vet found it and lanced it.

Luckly with a little bute, I was able to ride him at the Colonial Nationals in Lexington, VA., which was the cause of my urgent visit to you, so that  I could get him taken care of before my big show.

You had told me that Jet was in pretty bad shape and that he would feel like a new horse after you adjusted him.  Well...You were right.  My first run was a 17.048 which was a pretty good time for me.  A little faster than what I had been running.  Then my second run, he ran a 16.853. I was pretty excited about that.  Then my final run was a 16.369!  What a ride!  You were right about him finding out that he wasn't in pain anymore and that he would get better after a few runs. Wow! I just wanted to thank you for fixing my guy.  I truly appreciate it.

I am trying to find time when I can bring another of my horses to you for you to fix.  She has a stifle problem.  She is a really nice horse and is obviously in pain.  I will be calling you to try and work out arrangements for me to get her to you.

Thanks again for all you did for Jet.

Renee Jones

I'm Sara B. and I have a 14.1 HH Reg. Quarter Horse named Instant Pic Pocket.  I had done Western Pleasure all my life until I decided to switch to gymkhana.

I am going to start off by saying Ed Crothers is the best horse trainer I have ever seen.  Ed has really helped my horse by a lot of chiropractic work to his neck, hip, poll (which he desperately needed).  Before Ed had help me I had no control over my horse and everything I had tried never was successful.

When I started going to Eds for him to help me with my horse and give me lessons.  After Ed had floated his teeth we tried countless number of tack we found the perfect match which all being Ed's tack I completed a pattern and won the class in barrels running a 17.03 seconds.  Ed had really helped me to understand my horse.  Ed has really encounraged me to keep on riding even when I becamer very discouraged, frustrated and just wanted to quit.  I could never thank Ed enough for all the long hours we had put in after he had just got done riding 16 horses and then had to help me for 3 more hour's every night, but all was worth while because at the Adams County fair and also my last year in 4H I received five 1st place trophies.

Ed had also requested me to start feeding a new feed, my horse has put on weight and seems more relaxed and he looks better than ever.


WE just can't thank you enough for all your help.  Pedro as you know, is not a good horse, he is a great horse.  His
blood line from Zippo Pine Bar and Potential Investment tells it all.  Pedro was originally purchased as a colt for $18,000 and then sent to Florida for $20,000 woth of training, then Michigan for another $5,000 worth of training.  I think we should have gotten the clue when we bought him for $10,000 that there was something wrong.  It has taken us 3 years and many hurt full accidents, and you to figure out what his problem was, and the reason of why his first owner sold him so cheap.

We now know that Pedro can't handle pain, and for what reason his back keeps going out, or his hock hurting we may never may never know, but we know now how to help him BEFORE it gets to the point that he can't handle it and he hurts his riding.

I tell everyone about you and what you have done to Pedro, and some just look at me like I'm nuts...but I guess unless you see it you can't believe it.  I just wonder how many other horses there are in the world like Pedro.  When I was at fair last week, I noticed that several of the past top winners were not performing like they always have before.  With the education that you have given me, I could tell that they were in pain, and that is so bad.

Well my leg is healing, but the cracked ribs still hurt.  It's been almost two months since the accident, and I don't think my body could ever take another one, who would want to anyway right?

Well, I just can't thank you enough, you know my husband was ready to put Pedro down, selling him to the next victim was not an option, so Pedro owes his life to you.



To anyone wanting to help in their horse partnership

You have found the right place if you are talking to Ed Crothers! He is close to a miracle worker with horses(and a nice person as well.)
Let me share my experience with Jewel. I bought this horse over the internet, looking at pictures and taking the people at their word. Nice calm horse, a bit under weight, she stood under herself, and didnt even fight off those green headed flys. After giving her time to settle in, i saddled her with no trouble, and worked her in the round pen. She was fine except for a clear runny nose. She seemed fine with a mounting block, so i moved her over to the block and raised my foot to put it in the stirrup. WOW!!! an explosion! She leaped in the air, kicked, bellowed, and then settled down to just bucking. Tosay i  was suprised is an understatement. After several tries with much the same results, I knew help was needed. Age and experience(better than 50 years worth) convinced me that this was a horse for somone else to figure out. HELP!EDDIE!
Eddie worked the mare in the round pen with good results but got much the same treatment when he started to mount. After checking the mare over he made some chiropractic adjustments. Next check was teeth. Her feet had been trimmed but she stood up under herself. Ulcer medication came next. After several days she seemed to have a calmer look in her eye and Eddie started working her again. It wasn't an overnight change, But Eddie was able to mount and ride this horse. What is even more important, I could now ride her. It took someone with a very unique understanding of horses to figure out what made her tick, know that she was in pain, and what would work to allow her to be a nice riding horse.
Thank you Eddie. Keep up the good work



Ed did wonders with our two mares. he had my husband up on his horse in no time and it was beautiful to watch. My mare was fighting me constantly before Ed worked with her. After her training she was so easy to ride and very responsive to my cues.
Thanks Ed, you're wonderful


I own a 10 year old Palamino walking Horse named Magnum.I bought him at an auction and he rode fine for two months. He then started moving when i tried to get on him and he got to were i couldnt get on at all. He kicked my brother when he brushed his belly. When we put him in a stall and tried to catch him he would turn his back to us and a couple of times he kicked at us. I talked to Ed Crothers and he told me to bring Magnum to hid farm and he would see what he could do. When i took him to Ed's barn and walked him into the arena he was snorting and had his head high in the air. Ed thought i was lying to him about how old this horse was and that he was broke to ride. Ed started checking to see if Magnum was out of adjustment, every place he checked was out. Ed started at his head adjusting his neck then to his shoulders and adjusted them. Ed said that Magnum's sternum was twisted so he had one of his barn hands to help him, Ed was on one side and his help was on the other side, they locked there hands together and lifted up on Magnum's sternum and rolled it back in place. After that Ed adjusted the back hips. Ed then took Magnum in the round pen and worked him by lounging, and then put the saddle and bridle on him. Ed got on Magnum and rode around the arena a couple of times, the he stopped him, got off and on 4 or 5 times and Magnum did not move. Ed then got on him and rode him around the arena 5-6 times. Ed did not have any trouble with him and i have not had any trouble since i had Magnum over to Ed Crothers. All of this was done in an hour at Ed Crothers farm.


Ed has to be the smartest horseman i know. One of my horses had a problem with his right lead of a canter. He examined the horse and determined his back was sore. After an adjustment of his back, the horse never had a problem with his right lead.

If ever there is an issue with a horse, my first phone call is to Ed. His years of experience of training horses has given him an insight into a horses mind.


I am writing to thank you for working with my mare and getting her to a point where i can safely ride her. As you know, I have three small children and i chose not to be the one to get one the back of a horse who has halter scars on her head and was left to graze for the past few years.

If she could write,too, she'd also thank you for understanding and figuring out that her neck was hurting her, making it a challenge for anybody to get her to become a good riding horse. Her previous owners probably wrote her off as insubordinate and refused to finish her. If they would have just diagnosed her neck pain, as you did, they would have seen that she really is a good girl.

Now we ride every week, after doing her neck stretches and ground work, just as a runner would before conditioning. I really believe that she will be a great horse for my kids when they are old enough to ride.


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