Good Horse Gone Bad 

The Ultimate Halter Bridle

with Patented Communication Buttons *
Inventor:  Ed Crothers


Your Horse From: 

                                        Refusing to back
                                        Not responding to commands
                                        Saying no to going forward
                                        Not wanting to lead
                                        Pushing you around
                                        Running off on the lunge line

You will have Ultimate control of your horse in a way you never thought would be possible.  Better control riding, backing, turning, respect, leading, moving forward, and more will be done at your request not at your horses will.  Put the magic back into your relationship with your horse.


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The Ultimate Halter Bridle is a 4 in one halter bridle with Communication Buttons on the noseband, cheeks, and poll.  Browband keeps halter bridle in the correct position for optimal control.  Sizes:  Medium and Large


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