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From:  Jan Morgan Ison
Date:   Sun, January 18, 2015

"This is dedicated to Eddie @ Good Horse Gone Bad.  Had an itching to ride Babe after not riding her for a least 6 months.  Lunged her w/saddle pad and standard halter.  Couldn't get her to stop throwing her head/rearing/throwing front leg to strike while trying to put her bridle on.

Almost gave up thinking I'd get to ride, but I've learned from Eddie to never let a bad habit go unchecked, so I was determined to at least get the bridle on.  Changed out to Eddie's ULTIMATE HALTER and within 15 min. she had not only lowered here head to my waist (she's a really big mare), but she also took the bit like a champ, and I experienced the pleasure of sitting on a horse with only a saddle pad between me and her for a short ride...there's little else that feels that awesome...THANKS, EDDIE, your ULTIMATE HALTER ROCKS!"


From:  Doyla Smith Salyers
Date:   Wed, December 24, 2014

Anyone who questions can be assured these really work.  We use them a lot when we are worming or doing other unpleasant things that the horses object to.  As soon as they realize which halter they have on the argument is over!

From:  Doyla Smith Salyers
Date:   Tues, November 13, 2012

Hi GoodHorse GoneBad,

I put a comment on here the other day about the halter we bought from Ed for our halter breaking mare.  It works great, she did give it TWO tries, but hasn't tried again.  Very good heavy well made halter and we definitely approve.

Doyla Smith Salyers

From:  Lynn Lehmann
Date:   Mon, November 12, 2012

Dear Eddie,

My husband and I stopped by your place about 4 weeks ago and spent quite a bit of time talking with you.  (we are friends of Bobby McMichael)  Anyway, after I mentioned my horse Luna bolting while I was lunging her you suggested your halter instead of the one I currently have which is Clinton Anderson's halter.  Well Eddie, you were absolutely right!!!  Oh she tried it alright......but when she got to the end of the line and felt that halter she stopped on a dime and turned around as if to say "what was that"?  I could not be more thrilled!  I feel so secure now because I realize she will no longer be able to jerk my shoulder out of the socket.

Thanks for a great product and all of your help during our visit.  We are spreading the word to everyone we meet!!  IT WORKS!!! IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS!!!

Lynn Lehmann
From:  Mickey Deike
Date:   Fri, June 01, 012

Hi Ed,

I purchased a halter/bridle from you at the Equine Affaire in Ohio.  It worked wonders with the app/arab.  I never rode him with it, only used it a dozen or more times in training, he's calm, never bucks, not disrespectful and so forth.  I am sending it on to my young cousin in Poland, Ohio who is working with lots of young horses, some quite difficult.  Because she is so young and really quite good with horses (she rode in the trail challenge at the Affaire) she is fearless.  Sad to say it takes age, experience and many times an acident to wake people up to how dangerous horses can be---So her grandparents where she keeps the horses called last night and are worried about her, so I told them I will ship the halter/bridle, BUT IT IS CRITICAL SHE TALK TO YOU ABOUT HOW TO USE IT.  LIKE A GUN IN THE WRONG HANDS, CAN BE DANGEROUS.  I never used force with it, gentle pressure and patience works.

I would like to purchase two halters, one medium, one large just to have on hand, no need for the combination halter/bridle at this time.  I'll send the information on how to reach you off to Ohio with the halter/bridle and hope you can get a chance to help her. 

I'll go one line to purchase the halters.  Thanks,

Mickey Deike,  Shalimar Farm

From:  Julie Goodnight
Date:   Sat, February 04, 2012 5:33 pm

Hi Ed,

I finally got a report back from Twyla, my assistant of 15 years.  As I mentioned before, all of my horses are super broke and gentle but I can think of many horses I'd love to have had it for-for groundwork and riding.
Twyla used it on an outlaw horse they've had for a few years.  A bad puller and other rude discretions.  She and her husband were amazed at the effectiveness of the halter.  Particularly regarding the pulling back when tied.

We're going to keep it handy for the occassional horse that surfaces that would benefit from it and will definitely share it with other trainers in our area.  Thanks for sharing it.  I wish I had one 20 years ago when I was dealing with lots of horses gone bad.

Keep up the great work!


Julie Goodnight Horsemanship Training, Horse Master TV Show - Airing weekly on RFD-TV:

From:  Clare P.
Date:   Fri, December 30, 2011  8:03 am

Dear Ed,

Your halter works!  Our Stallion is no longer BOLTing!

He now has manners when doing ground work with him.

I love it!  It works great!

I am recommending one to anyone with horse handling problems.

Clare S.

Date: Mon, October 24, 2011 3:01 pm


My 3 years old filly Skye Value won after we used your Ultimate Halter to lead her to the paddock before the race.  She was so much calmer and did not sweat before the race compare to the first 7 races that she was in.  She is a very nervous filly and I think the halter helps her to relax.  Thanks for helping Skye to race to her potential!

You can watch her race in the Beulah Park's web site:

Video / Race Replays

in first race on 10/10/2011.


From:  Paul K.
Date:   Thur, January 12, 2012


I would like to take a minute to thank you for your recent help with our quarter horse Moose.  He seemed to have his mind set that he would only do what he wanted and would not load in our two horse bumper pull trailer.  I was thinking that our trailer was just too small for him, but my wife told me we should take him to you and maybe you could get him to start loading in our trailer.

I was very tickled at what I had witness on the first day you started to work with him.  The first thing you notice, that we knew, was that if he did not want to do something he would just stand there or pull you around.  He would throw his head the other way or just basically told you he was much bigger and powerful and was not about to do it regardless how much your pull and try to encourage him.  The first thing you did was place that Ultimate Halter on him and  just in a few minutes he didn't fight as much.

I was completely amazed and felt the power of having the upper hand  would be back in my hand.  I notice that with this halter with pressure points that it seem to communicate with Moose to change his attitude and he would not fight back when I asked him to do something.  I couldn't believe that you had him loading in my trailer and not fighting to go around it anymore.  He went in with no fighting and easy. He would unload calm and slow.

I was so happy to see that with this halter, it had changed the way Moose was behaving at times.  I am so glad we have took him to you.  I thought the trailer was just too small and was thinking of buying another one.  I cannot wait to spring now when me and my wife can load our horses and go one some trail riding trip.

Thank you Ed, and I hope this letter will be some help to someone else that may have a horse that seems to be hardheaded and unwilling to work with.

Thank you,

Paul K.

From: Mike P
Date: Sun, October 23, 2011 8:46 pm

I just wanted to email you about your halter, and say THANK YOU! for making my day a little easier. This is the story of why I am thanking you:   Bozart 3 year  7 month old
 About 3 years ago, I had my eye on this yearly that a couple down the road had in their pasture, had been watching him grow into a beautiful build, and even had walked up to him a few times at the gate to check him out. 

One afternoon, after being out of town for a couple weeks, I noticed that they had moved him into a back pasture, so really couldn't see this colt much. Well time had past, about a month or maybe even 2 months, and I got a call from the people that own him, that they had tried to catch him and couldn't and that the halter he had on was now to tight and had broken deep into the shin on his nose. So.. I went over, and after about 2 hours, I managed to get him wrestled down into a barn, and got the halter off of him, and doctored him up, before he handed me several blows, nicknaming him DB, short for double wasn't just one hoof packing a punch, he was
shooting both at once.

But watched the youngster grow up, and now going to be 4 years old in march, the couple are moved and just could take care of him any longer. Well the day I took that small halter off of him was the last time he ever had one on until...... TODAY!!! 

I had gone over to their place, and with only wanting to get him stalled up today, I didn't even take my trailer, just took over 10 corral panels to use to guide this buck wild boy into the barn. Him being a stud, he was my match. It took my 2 and half hours to get him into the barn, even with feed in a bucket, treats, the whole nine yards. Once I got him in the barn, closed the last gate, I got in with him. Now knowing he hasn't had a halter on him since I took the one 2 years ago off, I knew I was going to need alittle luck today.  Well, I eased into him alittle, talking to him, and in one split second this dude had blown clear over this panel, folded it like it was nothing, and back out the door and into the pasture he went.

So, I took 3 tractors, a hay wagon, 9 panels, since the 10th was now junk, 5 round bales, and my truck, and made me a barrier that this boy wasn't getting through. I went back after him, even after my 10 year old daughter told me "I was crazzzzzzy" An hour later, we are back in the barn. With his main full of burs, I easily, and very calmly, was able to get my hands on him, managed to get the burs cut out of his main, but not after he had me climbing that barn like a monkey, to get away from teeth, and hoof after hoof. At one point, I was upside down hanging from a main beam of the barn, just to get high enough to get away, so that I could get down, and do it all over again. I wanted to get the halter on him today, so I had to get the burs out of that bridle path and main. Well, I just kept working at him, until after about the 8th or 9th try of getting the halter on him, I was about to say...heck with it, because after that first halter he ever had on him, he wasn't going to have another one put on very easy, ( sure you been there before).

Well I remembered that the training halter I got from you  back in late winter was in my truck, had been using it on a couple of horses just to tune them up alittle in the round pen. So.... after several unsuccessful tries at get the halter on him that I had in my hand, I decided to give yours a try.  After 3 attempts, I got it on, grabbed that lead line and held the heck on, and after about 20 ft, this guy spun around, we made eye contact, and it was
I had him yeilding to me in that barn, leading him around that pen 25 to 30 times, walked him out of the barn and back in 3 or 4 times. I knew right then, while I had that halter on him, WE were going home. So....... beyond my daughters wishes, I took out across a 15 acre field, across a small ditch, which knowing that I making a HUGE gamble walking this horse well over a half mile,WE made it. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't an easy walk in the park. We got into our barn, and within just a few minutes this stud was walking with me, backing up, yeilding to every move I made. it was like this horse has been leading for a month. It absolutley blew my mind, and my daughters for that fact.

I am telling you Eddie....I am by no means as good as you when it comes to horses like this or any for that fact, THE HALTER was the ticket. That halter saved my crazy butt, and saved me alot of time. I wish you could have seen it.....I am still in shock,  still talking about it, getting ready to hit the sack and will still be smiling in my sleep.  This horse with the flip of a switch, just laid back, and was ready to learn. I can't wait to break him and ride him. I have had my heart set on it since the day he was born. I never would have made it through today this darn easy if I hadn't had that halter. Wish I could have taped it or had pictures, they would have put a speechless moment in your day.

You know, my daughter has seen me around some crazy, barn climbing, head stompin, and butt throwin horses..... usually she just stays the heck back. After I got him the water tank, the feed bucket,  and hay, My daughter asked me if she could hold him..... I said "You can try it, but I will stand right here between you two" couple minutes went by, and she told me to go get the feed" I got this" I had walked away and just laughed my butt off.... in shock! You have anyone with doubt about this halter... have them call me 10 year old daughter Brianna, she will tell it,  just how it all went down. You have my number.  

I thank you Eddie,  You made my day!

October 03, 2011

Dear Mr. Crothers,
Well, you were right!!!!  This evening we put the leather training halter on Pistol, and he walked right into the vet station.  He then allowed me to doctor his wounded leg very quickly.  We have gone through ____ (trauma) the past few days trying to doctor him.  What a total shock this was today!!!!
The reason we have not used this halter during the past three (3) days to work with our wounded horse is that my husband is not totally convinced that it worked, so he would always just grab the closest halter.  I guess there is always consideration of that element of coincidence.  But today, he witnessed for himself the total transformation of attitude when this horse was wearing this halter.  Now, my husband is a believer!!!!  I will call you tomorrow to order another halter in the small size.  May want nylon – will decide.  I am just so glad my husband recognizes the value of this halter and the practice of acupressure.
I ordered the U-7 Gastric Acid product this afternoon.  Should be enough for one month, and I will add the Aloe Vera Gel, along with this product to Pistol’s feed.  I also changed Pistol’s diet to just whole oats, along with Soybean Meal and supplements.  I want to get some Molasses and add a small amount of that to his feed also.
I love Pistol.  I believe my husband has finally seen and acknowledged the great love that I have for this wonderful horse, and hopefully, he will allow me to keep Pistol.  Thank you so much for reaching out to help this wonderful, beautiful horse feel better!!!!  I am devastated that he has been suffering from this terrible accident.
May God bless you in the great work you are doing to help care for equines.  They are such special creatures – the best pets anyone could ever have!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, and may God bless you.
Mary Ann Schumann

September 10, 2011

My name is
George S. Bush

I have had the pleasure to use Eds halter and halter bridle combo. The halter I first used on a filly that would run on my walking machine. She would take off and we would have to run out and grab one of the other arms to stop her. This would result in shortened life of the motor and other parts! The first time we put on the halter  she lunged to run off, reached the point that the halter pulled  against her head and…. She stopped, started to walk with the other horses!! Holy cow she tried again and walked. Just the smallest of pressure against her and she stopped running and walked!!  
I don’t care how it works it just does! I then tried it on as horse that was never on a walker and within 5 minutes he was broke to the walker! No fighting no running just walking!
I also tried the halter bridle combo on a horse that had been galloping with her head up in the air. She would do this and start to go faster and faster to the point that you had to let her work on that track or just pull her up and start over. She was so strong when she did this that I had to train her every other day to give her body a rest. Then I put on Eds halter bridle combo. Immediately the filly put her head down and galloped slow! One mile the first day then a mile and a half the next, until we had a horse that would use her whole body when she galloped! Now she can go out without any hesitation, starts and ends the gallops on a good note and gets everything out of the gallops.   
 Like I said before, I don’t know how it works and I don’t care! These two halter and halter bridle combination have found a place in my barn and will stay there!
Thank you Ed, these two pieces have worked wonders !! Great job.
  George S. Bush trainer @ tracks in KY,OH,IN,IL!

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