Good Horse Gone Bad 

 Clinic Tour

              Good Horse Gone Bad
Clinic Tour

                   The Tricks To The Magic of Horsemanship

                                Teaching The "5" Methods

Ed Crothers, The Equine Analyst, will do clinics on any level of horse, from the    unbroke horse to the seasoned performance horse. Ed will deal with any and all types of problems. There is no horse that is too bad for Ed.  Ed urges hosts and private clients alike to contact him on any problems you may have. If you want your favorite riding partner back, then Ed Crothers and one of Ed's custom tailored clinics is for you.

Ed typically works with the "untrainable dangerous horses".  Most have come from several trainers who could not break or fix the
extreme problems.

                              Ed Crothers offers a wide range of clinics
                             "The Tricks To The Magic of Horsemanship"

                                          Teaching The "5" Methods

                             Trailering - loading and unloading problems

                 Custom Clinics tailored to meet you and yours horses needs


                 You name it -  Ed Crothers, The Equine Analyst,  does it!!!

               For information on hosting a clinic, please call Ed Crothers at:

                                              "The Crothers Way"
                                               Cedar Brook Farm
                                                4228 Unity Road
                                            West Union, OH 45693
                                                  (937) 544-1463

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