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Good Horse Gone Bad

Are you unsure if you have a Good Horse Gone Bad? Let Ed Crothers Equine Analyst, analyze and fix your equine troubles. Please take the time to fill out the Equine Problem Chart to the best of your ability. If you feel a problem you are having is not mentioned in one of the question areas please tell us about it in the additional comments. No problems is too big or small Ed Crothers has seen and fixed them all.

1.  Ground Handling Problems:
  A: Catching/haltering                      C: Leading                    E: Backing                              G: Spooking
    B: Touching and or brushing          D: Picking up feet          F: Leaving other horses         H:  None

2.  Round Pen/Lunging Problems:
      A: Lunging to right side                               B: Lunging to left side                                  C: Moving the front end to the right
          D: Moving the front end to the left               E: Moving hindquarters to the right              F: Moving hindquarters to the left      
Locking up                                              H: Backing too fast                            
           I: Throwing Head up/down or side to side                                           
J: Touching of leg with whip or hands
         K. High energy level before work                 L: High energy after work      
          M: Pushy                                                     N: None

3.  Trailer Loading Problems:
  A: Will not get close to trailer                                               B: Pulling to the right side of trailer
         C: Pulling to the left side of trailer                                        D: Will not step in trailer
         E: Rearing up while trying to load                                        F: Going only half in and backing out fast
         G: Will not tie                                                                       H: Loads in trailer, but is nervous/spooky 
         I: Will not unload backwards                                                J: Unloads backing out fast
         K: Unloads forward fast                                                       L: None

4.  Bridling Your Horse Problems:
    A: Lifting head up                        B: Dropping Head                           C: Moving head to left
       D: Moving head to right               E: Backs away from you                  F: Pawing at you
       H: Chews on bit                           I: Shaking head with bridle              J: Acts disrespectful
       K: None   

5.  Saddling Problems:
    A: Will not allow you out pad on                B: Will not allow you to put saddle on
        C: Tightening girth gets up set                  D: Once girth tightened bites/kicks                         
        E: Once saddle is on backs up fast           F: Once girth is tight rears/bucks
        G: Saddle on horse locks up                      I: Saddle on horse act nervous/high energy
        J: None

6.  Riding at Walk/Jog Problems:
  A: Turning to the right                          B: Turning to the left                        C: Throwing head up/down
       D: Throwing head to the right              E: Throwing head to the left             F: Refusing to back 
       G: Locking up on/off at walk                H: Locking up on/off at jog               I: Bucks/Rears
       J: No breaks/ Refusing                        K: Spooking/High energy                 L: Better at walk than jog
      M: Better at jog than walk                     N: Riding in new places                   O: Leaving other horses/Barn
      P: Trail Riding                                       Q: None

7.  Riding at Canter/Lope Problems:  
       A: Taking the left lead                             B: Taking the right lead                              C: Circling to the right
       D: Circling to the left                               E: Locking up on/off                                   F: Coming to a stop
       G: Bucking                                              H: Running off                                            I: Swishing tail
       J: Carries head to low at canter/lope      K: Carries head to high at canter/lope       L: Riding with other horses
       M: None

8.  Body Condition Problems: 
         A: Easy Keeper               B: Back Feet                      C: Hard Keeper                        D: Poor Hair Coat
         E: Front Feet                   F: Good Hair Coat             G: None

Equine Problem Chart Contact Information

Please fill in all blanks, and the problems 1 through 8 that match your horse, (example: #1 - a, b, or all that describe your horse) and any additional information in "Comments" for your free analysis.  No problem is too big or too small for Ed Crothers, The Equine Analyst.  Ed will respond within 24 hours by either email or phone call.

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1. Ground Handling Problems:
2. Round Pen/Lunging Problems:
3. Trailer Loading Problems:
4. Bridling Your Horse Problems:
5. Saddling Problems:
6. Riding At Walk/Jog Problems:
7. Riding at Canter/Lope Problems:
8. Body Condition Problems:

Disclaimer: Ed Crothers and The Crothers Way,The Equine Problem Chart is NOT to be an diagnosis, substitute, or replace traditional veterinary care; The Equine Problem Chart is intended for information of possible solutions for Equine care and to compliment any existing care.  
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